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The 11th Annual Spirit of the North Radiothon (Thursday, September 24, 2015) raised over $158,000 – surpassing our goal of raising $125,000!

For twelve straight hours, from 6am to 6pm the great personalities at The River 101.3 and 99.3 The Drive broadcasted the 11th annual Radiothon, chatting on air with healthcare professionals, patients, and friends and supporters from the community. Throughout the broadcast, they updated the radio listeners as the donations grew throughout the day. Our wonderful community volunteers answered the phones, taking pledges and challenges.

Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation would like to thank our Sponsors, organizers and dozens of volunteers for supporting the 11th annual Radiothon!

This Year’s Equipment

The Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation Radiothon has raised over $608,000 since inception with all funds raised going toward the purchase of strategically identified equipment for UHNBC. In collaboration with Northern Health, this year the focus will be on an OptosOCT SLO System along with A California UWF unit.  With a price tag of roughly $250,000, we made big strides toward funding the equipment this year! 

The current equipment being used is over 10 years old and cannot keep up to the patient load, causing unnecessary wait times.  Its degree of accuracy, although state of the art at the time it was originally purchased, is not industry standard now.  Upgrading this important equipment will allow for faster and more accurate results which in turn improve both treatment and quality of life for our patients.

Young and old alike will benefit from the comprehensive diagnostic capabilities that this equipment provides.  Specializing in measuring and recording the progression of retinal disease and the effects of today’s new and emerging therapies it is needed for many diseases and conditions of the eye.

Some of the most highly effective and crucial areas of use are:

  • macular degeneration
  • glaucoma
  • stroke patients
  • injuries directly to the eye
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinal holes, tears and detachments

This new, state of the art equipment will provide diagnostic information that is crucial to make medical decisions regarding patient care and follow up.  It has been endorsed by Ophthalmologists Dr. John Konkal and Dr. Andrew Lukaris and many Optometrists and eye care professionals.

For more information, please contact Esther Prosser – (250) 565-2372 or


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