The Spirit of Christmas makes a difference for those in need

DEC 22, 2021

The Spirit of Christmas makes a difference for those in need


Spirit of Christmas makes a difference to those in need.


A significant donation made through the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation has created a positive ripple to three charities through the Holidays.   The Anonymous donor, who is near and dear to the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation, provided a one-stop donation with instructions that it be split.  As per the Donor’s wishes a generous portion was directed to the Cardiac Care Unit that has been designated as an Area of Greatest Need for patients in the North, with the other significant piece directed to help families in need have a little brighter Christmas this year. 

Both the Salvation Army of Prince George and St. Vincent de Paul were selected and were the recipients of $25,000 each to service the good work they do for those in need throughout the community.  

“We take pride in the relationships and trust we have built with our Donors,” said Judy Neiser, CEO for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.  “When they choose to donate through us and we can provide that one-stop way to give, but also satisfy their wishes, together we solve a problem.  It is only through their kindness and generosity that any of us can do the work we do and it was a pleasure to see these recipients make a difference in the work they do – as will we with this generous donation.”

Bernie Goold, with St. Vincent de Paul said that it would make a difference to roughly 427 families this year.  Captain Neil Wilkinson commented that this would roughly provide 2.5 provide 8,250 meals to those they serve.  These are measurable, and make a difference to families at this time of year and make the season just that much brighter.  “For us at the Spirit of the North, we are that much closer to funding the Regional Cardiac Unit that will make a difference for everyone here at home in the North.   We are so very grateful.” She said.

 This past year has been different and at times really tough for all charitable organizations to meet their mandate.  When we are able to partner through wishes of a Donor, we all make a difference.  Healthcare touches everyone in one way or another, and as long as there are needs to be met, Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation will continue to advance healthcare in the region with our amazing donors.