Join Us for the Wine Lovers World Tour!

SEP 1, 2016

Join Us for the Wine Lovers World Tour!

The Coast Inn of the North presents their Annual Wine Lovers Dinner in support of Spirit of the North on Saturday, September 10, 2016. Join us for a special cocktail hour, followed by six courses of exceptional gourmet fare!

This year's very special "Wine Lovers World Tour" marks a departure from the tradition of featuring a single winery. Chef Alden Kiland has prepared a delightful menu from start to finish - tapas and cocktails to dessert and cheese - and artfully paired a range of wines from around the world with each course. Some offerings on the evening's wine list may be familiar, while others will be rare finds, including a very special wine from Argentina to be paired with the main course. Dessert will feature our very own local Northern Lights Estate Winery's Warm Apple Pie Wine.

The event will feature a live auction and silent auction and proceeds from the event will be used toward the purchase of 12 Neopuff Infant Resuscitators for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University Hospital of Northern BC.

Each Neopuff bears a price tag of just over $1,300, and are the standard of care recommended in all major infant resuscitation protocols because they provide the ability to control the air pressure being forced into an infant's lungs. This control eliminates the risk of pneumothorax ("blown lungs") if too much air is forced into the lungs, which can occur with manual resuscitation efforts and can lead to death or permanent respiratory issues.

The NICU at UHNBC sees an average of 30 infants and premature babies each month, approximately 70% of whom will require some respiratory assistance at birth. Acquisition of the 12 Neopuff units will ensure that each room in the NICU is outfitted and every infant will have access to this gold standard of safe respiratory care.

Please join us for an exceptional evening of fine food and wine and help our tiniest patients get a safe start in life! Tickets are $150 and are available at the Spirit of the North office or the Coast Inn of the North.

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