The Copper Project House is SOLD!

NOV 9, 2018

The Copper Project House is SOLD!

The project is now complete!! The house is SOLD!!! …. and very happy people will enjoy a beautiful home that we fondly have called for the better part of this year- the Copper Project. It is closure to what we all wanted; to build a first class home, engage trades and suppliers of goods and services, and give back to healthcare in the North- right here at home where we live, work, and play. On the direction of Copper Falls and their contractors, three areas of need have been identified for these funds to be directed to. “We are so happy to be a part of this project and be able to present $90,000 to make a difference in healthcare.” said Jeff Stewart, co-owner of Copper Falls Custom Homes.

Dedicated Maternal Operating Room- Prince George is home to over 1150 babies born each year. Many are considered high risk due to a condition or situation not controlled by anyone. This includes any C-section births. Having a dedicated Maternity Operating Room at UHNBC means that other surgeries such as hip or knee replacements, tonsillectomy and cataracts or elective surgeries won’t be postponed or cancelled when an emergency birthing situation arises. This room is scheduled to be open prior to the end of the year.

Breast Health Imaging Equipment- Few of us go through life without being touched by someone diagnosed with breast cancer. State of the art equipment has been purchased to create a one-stop breast health imaging centre at UHNBC. Components that make sure that each individual’s journey is respectful with minimized wait times between appointments and invasive procedures is key to getting back on the road to recovery or declaring a false positive sooner. The need for equipment in this area will continue.

Ortho Video Operating Room Towers- Working with the Orthopedic Surgeons for the region they know all too well that their patient waitlists are long. Hips and knees that need replacement, tears in a rotator cuff, and repetitive strain injuries cause incredible pain and suffering for far longer than necessary.  Newer and state of the art operating room equipment would allow for less downtime in surgery, better images when performing a procedure which would result in quicker healing times and less invasive surgeries. This means everyone benefits from a more active lifestyle, less pain, and are back to doing what they love sooner.

For Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation this project was something that has never been done before.  Over 30 contractors joining forces on one project to make a different to healthcare in the North.  “No matter how big or small the contribution, collectively this is what makes a difference on what we are able to do for patients through the generosity of our donors.” said Judy Neiser, CEO for Spirit of the North.  “We are deeply humbled by the generosity and commitment from everyone involved.”